August 16, 2017

Enthronement Kit

Home Kit Enthronement

This Kit includes

    1. An image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas,which has been individually touched to the Pilgrim Image of The Mission which was placed against the tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Her Basilica in Mexico City.
    2. Explanatory Booklet for the Home Enthronement of the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
    3. Prayers of The Mission and indulgences, Promises of the Sacred Heart and other important information.
    4. Home Enthronement Certificate of the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
        The Mission For the Love of God Worldwide invites each home that is being enthroned to unite as a family remembering that..
        GOD bless you all.

*** This Mission survives on donations…the amount you give as a donation for this Home Enthronement Kit is dependent on your circumstances. We only ask that you consider that this is a very valuable gift to your family and should be treated in that way in terms of the actual consecration and enthronement itself and the hopeful subsequent prayer cenacle that will begin through your family each week. Remembering that the family that prays together stays together.